Sueños fotomontados (illustrated book)

BilbaoArte Foundation, Bilbao — 2019

The book produced for the exhibition Sueños fotomontados (Photomontage Dreams) narrates the residual intimacy of a recurring dream that Mabi Revuelta had in her childhood and its consequences in her artistic endeavour. Written by the artist Helena González Sáez, it is divided into two parts: that of the night (the narrative of the dream) and the waking part (a lucid analysis of the encrypted aspects of this dream, entitled La vigilia consciente). 

The exhibition’s name is down to a series of 64 collages, produced during the residency at BilbaoArte in 2018. This meltdown is also present in Helena’s text, which composes its literary images also using the resource of the collage. They are pieces created in a very direct and playful way where humour and horror are combined there.

Narrative: Helena González Sáez — Cerrar mis ojos, prender el bosque (To Close my eyes, To Set Fire to the Forest)
La vigilia consciente, Sueños fotomontados (Concious Wakefulness, Photomontage Dreams)

PDF Book (Spanish edition translated into English by Margaret Carson)

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Sueños fotomontados

Solo exhibition at BilbaoArte Foundation, Bilbao — 2019