Artium, Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art, Vitoria-Gasteiz — 2015

The Playtime packaging, created using materials typically associated with artists, attempts to draw some fundamental lines “in order to place ourselves correctly in a changing world”, as Foucault would put it. These cards have the potential to stir into action a collective in a context of formal or informal education and could be employed by anyone wishing to propose a game suited to the particular relational and learning needs shared by the group in question.
Mabi Revuelta — project text


The Alphabet is a syllabary consisting of three blanks and a hundred letters, with repeats of particular letters depending on how often they are used. This collection of cards comes with no sets of rules on the games that can be played with it, as it can be employed to work on issues to do with language or to build capabilities other than reading and writing as the players see fit, for example, skills related to physical theatre.


The Laboratory is a range of processes structured on the basis of a common script. This set contains 30 cards made by artists, educationalists and collectives involved in art, who were asked to produce an educational proposal related to their area of professional interest.

Blog that collects the documentary area of the PlayTime Laboratory

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