PlayTime Laboratory

Azkuna Zentroa - Alhóndiga Bilbao — 2018 / 2019

PlayTime is a prototype that investigates pedagogical strategies proposed from Contemporary Art and Visual Culture. This game kit is a playful and collaborative learning tool for use in flexible contexts such as formal, informal, integrative teaching or those specific to Museums and Centers of Contemporary Culture.

During 2018 and 2019, the PlayTime Laboratory was part of the Azkuna Zentroa Educational Program. Six of his proposals were put into practice.

About fifty artistic-educational processes were carried out with diverse groups of formal education -generally Artistic Baccalaureate and 4th ESO, but also from the University School of Teaching and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV/EHU- and, especially in the case of Helena González Sáez, with groups at risk or in a situation of social exclusion. The Azkuna Zentroa team took an active part in this experience by participating in the pilot sessions and/or working, together with Arantxa Pereda, in the production, communication and coordination of the program. PlayTime has already been experienced by nearly 1,000 people.

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