Innocent Prints

Trayecto Galería, Vitoria-Gasteiz — 1998

Sarcastic Allusions

Mabi Revuelta’s work (Barakaldo, 1967) stands out because of its sarcasm and sharpness not exempt of tenderness or humour for the human condition. The contrasts and tensions between materials are constant, looking for intermediate and relating situations between the natural and artificial, the static and mobile. With texts by Rilke and Schelling, Mabi Revuelta places herself between the beautiful and sinister, of the terrible that can be born to the hidden that gradually reveals itself. This is a process of knowledge that incorporates the greatness and miseries of the human being, with no spite and acidity.
Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea — Sarcastic Allusions
DEIA Newspaper, Asteburua — 24th July 1998

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