Diamonds in the Rough

Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria-Gasteiz — 2007

A mise-en-scene of emotions and explorations that follows the lines of Neo-Baroque dramatization. Mabi Revuelta delves into the secret of time and human relations and comes up with a creation of rare personal intensity. She is just as likely to make a frank confiding self-portrait as to deepen the chasm with an examination of the place life occupies: a fragility that leads, inexorably, to the void. There is always a secret that dwells not only in what is known or is believed to be known, but above all in the unknown, that which blinds us, awareness of the ephemeral, the conclusively inevitable final of it all. In between are measures that catch the instants, the radiance of crystal, the aesthetic ferocity or ornamental laxness of well-being.
Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea — Señuelos que devienen
Periódico DEIA — 9 junio 2007

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