Cannibal Delicacy

Bread Oven from the Citadel, Pamplona — 1997

Grilled Soup

While the broth is heating up –said Olivia– take a seat and let me tell you my story:

“Once upon a time when folk took to the sea and travelled in search of the recipe for this dish, either driven by a thirst for fantastic riches (as the qualities attributed to it as the food of life were legion), or spurred by the scientific need to achieve supreme perfection (it would be naïve to forget the complex system that allows the liquid to gravitate on the surface you see: a golden sphere that separates the corruptible world –the earth– from the incorruptible universe of the stars).
Mabi Revuelta — Grilled Soup
Manjar caníbal. Exhibition catalogue. Bread Oven from the Citadel, Pamplona — 1997

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